Ruslaan Mumtaz considers no one as competition

Updated: Apr 23, 2013, 17:59 PM IST

Mumbai: Actor Ruslaan Mumtaz, who will soon be seen in ‘I Don`t Luv U’, doesn`t consider any young actor as competition because of the kind of films he does.

"I don`t really have a competitor because these actors are in a different league, while the films that I do are different from theirs. Recently, the only film I could have been cast in was `Student of the Year`," the 30-year-old said here in an interview.

"Besides that there are very few films in which I could have been cast. May be, I now need to break my image to consider them my competitors," added Ruslaan when asked if he considers actors like Ranbir Kapoor his competitors.

So far Ruslaan has featured as a youngster in films like ‘MP3 - Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar’, ‘Teree Sang’, ‘Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai’ and believes that very few actors can play a young guy convincingly.

"There are very few actors in the industry who can play a character of this age group. There are a lot of them who are younger than me, but look older. There was a time when Salman Khan and Aamir Khan were the ones who used to look younger than their actual age," Ruslaan said.

"Today, youth films are being made but there are no actors who can play such roles, very few. May be that`s why I am offered such films," he added.

Directed by Amit Kasaria, ‘I Don`t Luv U’ hits theatres May 17 and stars newcomer Chetna Pandey opposite Ruslaan. The film is based on MMS scandals.