Russell Brand wants to have kids with Katy Perry

London: British comedian Russell Brand has said that he loves children and will have kids once he gets married to pop star Katy Perry later this year.

But the actor has also revealed that he wants only one child after the marriage.

“I’m envisaging one – it’s a giant kid that’s just pooed all over London! I do envisage having kids. I’d love them little guys,” the Mirror quoted him as saying.

Brand also revealed that his showbiz pals have been giving him some tips ahead of his wedding.

“I’ve had two bits of advice. Noel Gallagher goes, “Do what they tell you, just say yes to women.” So I’ve been doing that. And David Walliams added, “But don’t act like you don’t care about the thing, as though you’re just brushing it off.” So I’ve been going, “Yes, oh yes, I care, but yes.” That’s my technique,” he added.