Russell Brand’s awkward encounter with Prince Charles

Updated: Nov 16, 2010, 18:16 PM IST

London: Russell Brand has said that Prince Charles tried to avoid him at a recent event.

However, the newlywed comedian admitted he managed to get a good grip of the royal and didn`t want to let go.

“I did meet Prince Charles. It makes you a bit anxious,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying on the US talk show Live With Regis & Kelly to promote new film ‘The Tempest’.

“When you meet someone whose name has got ``Prince`` at the start of their name, it``s daunting.

“Someone shoved me into the line right at the moment he was meeting, Brand said.

“I was shoved into him and I saw a moment in his eyes as we shook hands when he realised, "That``s that mad comedian".

“And he sort of tried to get away. I had him in a bit of a grip. I was holding on, thinking "This is my moment. I``m not letting him go just yet".

“There was a moment where he was trying to recoil and I heard his wrist click a bit,” he said.

And he told how he embarrassed himself in front of Prince Charles`` wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall.

“Because I was panicking I just looked at her and went, ``A Duchess!`` I just shouted at her what she was,” he said.

``It`s so ridden with protocol it``s very difficult to relax.

“You don`t want to do the wrong thing and you end up buckling an arthritic wrist,” he added.