Russia`s sexy spy Anna takes top Kremlin youth role

Moscow: Seductive Russian spy Anna Chapman on Wednesday won a key role in a pro-Kremlin youth group, telling her fellow young patriots that it was time to transform the future with a smile.

Chapman, booted out of the United States along with nine other Russian spies in July, became a member of the social council of the Molodaya Gvardiya (Young Guard) youth group at its fourth congress, it said on its website.

The Molodaya Gvardiya has its roots in the Soviet-era Komsomol youth group and was revived in the late 1990s to mobilise "patriotic" youth to support the authorities under Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

It is now part of Russia`s ruling party United Russia, whose overall leader is Putin.

Addressing the young delegates at the conference, Chapman, 28, used language reminiscent of Soviet rallying calls to the proletariat to urge her fellow youths to have a positive attitude to life.

"My hope is that we start to be positive. We spent so much energy becoming a great power. We must be joyful about each coming day, each time there is a chance to create something new and useful."

"We must transform the future, starting with ourselves!" Chapman, dressed in a tight red-and-black outfit with a zipper front told the audience in comments broadcast on state television.

She mused: "There would be less negativity in society if we woke up with a smile. If every one of us was joyful we could do something useful and new."

However when asked by journalists later exactly what her job in the group would entail, Chapman proved less talkative and asked her bodyguard to take her away, the RIA Novosti news agency reported. She then left.

Timur Prokopenko, elected leader of the Molodaya Gvardiya at the same meeting, did not give details, telling the state news agency that Chapman was a "hero of our generation".

Her new work provides yet another role for the increasingly busy Chapman, who posed virtually nude for a Russian men`s magazine, met Putin and attended a space launch since returning home.

Chapman has also been hired as a representative of a little-known asset management firm called FondServiceBank, whose acronym is curiously the same as Russia`s Federal Security Service (FSB) domestic intelligence agency.

Earlier this month, she even made a surprise appearance at a modernisation forum attended by President Dmitry Medvedev.

Her red hair and curvy figure ensured Chapman was by far the most prominent of the 10 spies expelled by the United States.

The spies were given awards by Medvedev but former intelligence professionals have lambasted them for their apparently shoddy spycraft in the field.

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