Saif Ali Khan’s alleged victim Iqbal recounts horror tale

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: South African trade honcho Iqbal Sharma recounts the Tuesday night horror that he and family went through at the hands of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan.

Quite unbecoming of the recently anointed Nawab of Pataudi, Saif is accused of physically assaulting the NRI and a senior citizen.

Recalling the entire episode, Iqbal Sharma while talking to a news channel said, “We were sitting at this restaurant and Saif and his group were tabled nearby. There was a lot of noise around so we asked the hotel management if they can ask them to keep it a bit low. After a while, Saif who was gone outside returned and I and he crossed a narrow passage where he started an argument. He said if I wanted peace, then its better that we should go to a library. He punched me following which my father-in-law intervened and then there were other of Saif’s friends who joined him in assaulting me as well as my elderly father-in- law.”

68 year old Iqbal’s father-in-law said that when he tried to save his son-in-law who was bleeding profusely from his nose, was punched hard on his jaw and he fell back. He further said that because he is very old and doesn’t keep well, when he tried to move them away they attacked him more.

Iqbal added, “Saif was perturbed more because we had the audacity to ask hotel staff not to make too much noise.”

Iqbal’s father-in-law showed his disgust saying that it was really sad for Saif Ali Khan and his group to behave in that manner in a reputed hotel like Taj.

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