Saif and Kareena left shocked after media walked out on them

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: Turning up late for an event is a style statement Bollywood celebrities love to make, but it’s about time that they get rid of this nasty habit.

Believe it or not, but Bollywood hot and sassy couple Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were booed by the media when they turned up late at a recent event held in Mumbai. The couple was boycotted by the press person present, who walked out the moment the couple entered at the venue.

After keeping the media waiting for over two hours, Kareena and Saif turned up arm in arm to promote a shoe brand they have been endorsing. But to their shock the moment they entered, all press persons jointly walked out on them.

And even though the couple claimed to have been stuck in a massive jam, their pleas had little effect on the waiting media persons. An eyewitness confirmed the news to a daily, stating, “The event was to start at 8 pm and the entire media had arrived a little before time. After waiting for a while, they asked the organisers of the event about the whereabouts of Saif and Kareena. They were told that the couple was on its way to the venue and should be arriving any time. But that never happened.”

“The media people were fuming by that time and they refused to stay back. Saif did apologise to them, explaining that they were stuck in traffic. But none of them understood why it took Saif and Kareena over two hours to reach Juhu from their Bandra residence. The distance can be covered in half an hour,” he added.

The media relation manager of the event, said, “Yes, the media did boycott the event. It was very unfortunate. Saif and Kareena were genuinely stuck in traffic and the media were constantly being updated about the same. But one particular photographer, who had personal vendetta against them, instigated the entire media to leave.”

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