Salman apologises to celeb gate-crashers

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: If there is Salman Khan around then one certainly expects high voltage drama to erupt from nowhere. This is exactly what happened when a few people belonging to other teams from the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) tried a forceful entry into Salman’s private party on Monday.

Apparently, the superstar had thrown a party to celebrate his younger brother’s Sohail’s birthday and had invited members of his team, Mumbai Heroes to be a part of it. When members of the opponent side learnt about the bash, they too wanted to join the star in the celebrations.

However, when they tried entering the venue, the actor’s bouncers shooed them away and a heated argument followed. The so called gate crashers were established film actors of southern film industry, and therefore did not like the treatment meted at them.

Talking to a tabloid, an eye witness said, “The idea was to bring in Sohail`s birthday and so members from his team Mumbai Heroes were invited. Just when the party was getting started and Salman was in high spirits, other team players, who were at the official CCL party, gate crashed. Sallu`s party was rather happening. The drinks were flowing and the crowd was good, tempting the outsiders to join in the merriment.”

"Some bouncers did not know who is who and pushed some of the team players away a bit too roughly. A notice that read: ` Only for Bollywood` was quickly posted outside the party venue," added the eyewitness.

When Salman realised that the situation was going out of control he decided to put an end to it.

“Sallu went over to the other side of the pool and apologised for turning them away. He also extended an official invite to the Mumbai Heroes party. But, some of the team players held their ground and refused to go back,” said the source.

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