Salman can be like Sylvester Stallone, compliments Shah Rukh

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Looking at the way things have turned out, it can be said that the equation between the two warring Khans of Bollywood is becoming a little enigmatic! Given Shah Rukh’s witty nature, it’s tough to predict as to what exactly is in his mind these days, as he tackles his arch rival Salman Khan’s rant.

Only yesterday we ran a piece on how Shah Rukh Khan played down some discordant comments made by Salman Khan, and now again as SRK addressed a group of media persons, he appeared quite positive on his opinion about Bollywood’s ‘enfant terrible’.

Earlier, Salman said that there is no possibility of patching up with SRK with whom he had a fall out a couple of years back. He was quoted as saying, “Shah Rukh and I don’t talk anymore. We had a misunderstanding and parted ways. There is no chance of Shah Rukh and Salman coming together in the future.”

To which Shah Rukh only had courtesies for the dabangg actor. And now again, when speaking to a news daily about the six-pack trend that began post his shirtless item number ‘Dard-e-disco’ in ‘Om Shanti Om’, Shah Rukh gave credit to Salman on the same!

SRK said, “I didn’t start the trend, it just got noticed at the time. I have full respect for Salman Khan who began the trend – that it’s not just about building six packs, it’s about hard work and diligence in the gym. You can’t build a body with a Main kar loonga (I’ll do it) attitude or by lifting weights. It’s more like worship.”

Shah Rukh even went on to liken Salman to a Hollywood icon. He said, “Salman Khan can be like Sylvester Stallone because he has that body type and machismo.”

Well, let’s hope SRK’s comments are from his heart, because if they are, the conflict between them is sure to end for good.

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