Salman is much bigger than Sachin Tendulkar, says KRK

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: He is hilarious and absolutely uninhabited. And that’s perhaps the reason why Kamaal R Khan has such a huge fan following on social networking sites. The filmmaker –actor has always been very upfront with his views on people. From Poonam Pandey to Asin, no one has been spared from KRK’s radar. The latest from KRK stables is about Salman Khan and Sachin Tendulkar.

KRK on his twitter account expressed shock and surprise that Salman Khan had gone to the Ambani party to congratulate Sachin Tendulkar on his 100th ton.

KRK tweeted, “Last night Salman also went for celebration of Mahashatak. He went for Sachin or ambani? As I know Sachin n Salman do not know each other.(sic)”

KRK then narrated an account to his followers that few years back the film actor and the cricketer were working out in the same gym in Colombo and none of them bothered to acknowledge the other. He tweeted, “Salman n Sachin didn`t greet each other because they both consider bigger than each other. #truth(sic).”

KRK then further added, “From my point of view Salman khan is much much bigger than Sachin so Sachin would have gone to Salman khan to say hello.(sic)”

KRK also stated that till the time Sachin was leading IPL team, Mumbai Indians they wouldn’t be able to win the championship. When his followers and die hard Sachin fans objected to his statement, Khan defiantly wrote, “Till today i have never abused Sachin then why do ppl say I hate him? I say Tushar Kapoor is bigger than Sachin so what? It`s my wish yar.(sic)”

Like we said, this Khan is absolutely blatant about his feelings.