Salman Khan back to his brash self?

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Mumbai: Some people never grow up. The original brat of Bollywood, Salman Khan recently got into a fight with filmmaker Bunty Walia at Sanjay Dutt’s party. The party was organised to celebrate Sanjay’s wife, Maanyata Dutt’s birthday.

We all know how in 2008, Salman had got into a fight with his then close friend Shah Rukh Khan at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party. The two actors would have almost got into a scuffle had it not been SRK’s wife Gauri’s timely intervention. Since that night, the two Khans have avoided each other like plague and their enmity continues till date.

Since that incident, Salman seemed to have mellowed down as well. But on Thursday night, at Maanyata Dutt`s birthday bash, the ‘Dabangg’ star went back to his old days and picked a fight with Bunty Walia.

Sanjay Dutt threw a lavish birthday party for his wife Maanyata and invited all his close friends home, which needless to say, included both Salman and Bunty.

Sources revealed to a daily that Salman walked in well past midnight and went straight to Bunty and started arguing with him. Within no time, the fight became ugly. It was only when Dutt`s business manager and close friend Dharam Oberoi intervened that the fight was controlled.

Speaking to the daily the source said, “Sanju held the party to bring in his wife Maanyata`s birthday. He had invited all his close friends including Ameesha Patel, Neha Uberoi, Fardeen Khan, Zayed Khan, Ashish Chowdhury and many others.

Filmmakers David Dhawan, Indra Kumar and Rajkumar Santoshi were also present. Salman Khan walked in to the party around 2 am, well past midnight. On reaching, he greeted everyone and then bumped into Bunty Walia. Salman was already in high spirits. On seeing Bunty, he started arguing with the filmmaker.

After some time, the argument got so loud that despite the music playing at the party, all people could hear were Salman and Bunty.

They started abusing each other. Had it not been for Dharam Oberoi`s intervention, who knows what would have happened. Dharam separated the two and took Bunty away. Had he not intervened at the right time, the fight would have become physical.”

Apparently, when the fight took place, Sanjay had stepped out to see off Fardeen Khan and his wife. He bumped into Walia at the entrance, who had decided to leave the party after the fight. Sanju did not take much time to realise that something was wrong.

“Dutt chose to keep quiet about the incident. In fact, after that he partied with Salman and the rest of the guests till the wee hours of the morning," added the source.

Salman Khan and Bunty Walia have not been in good terms for a long time now because of the latter’s fallout with Sallu’s brother, Sohail Khan. “Bunty Walia and Salman`s brother Sohail Khan were business partners at one point in time. However, after Bunty and Sohail went their separate ways, all has not been well between the Khan clan and Bunty. In fact, Salman and Bunty had got into a fight before as well.”

Bunty Walia, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan remained unavailable for comment.

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