Salman Khan comes out in support of Sana Khan

Updated: May 25, 2013, 11:27 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Salman Khan – who was nowhere to be seen on twitter since March 1, 2013 – has made a sudden appearance on the social networking site, and that too for a cause – to save Sana Khan’s image from being tainted.

The actor – who is launching newbie Sana Khan in his upcoming venture ‘Mental’ – looked a bit disturbed in the series of tweets about the allegedly wrong news that has been doing the rounds about her.

“Poor sana,so sad. 1st let her b cm famous then try n get sm publicity from her. This is the problem chappo any thing galat bhi ho toh,” he said in one tweet.

He then tweeted, “Y wld a girl kidnap a 15 year old? Fr money? To get her married, At 4pm in a populated area.investigate the complainants. Kamaal hai yaar.”

“Obviously must b scared n running around n hiding, they hv a arrest warrant on her , 5 dharas , jail is not big boss`s house dude .SAD,” was in his third tweet.

In his latest tweet he says “Obviously those people must have sm ulterior motives. worked vit her on bigg boss, u hv seen her fr 3months every day wat do u think ?”

The ‘Dabangg’ hitmaker further tweeted, “Ways of making a name n money. Challo u guys tell me, obviously vit out working hard n earning it vit dignity n respect. Batao. Vil retweet”

A friend in need is a friend indeed, or is there something more than what meets the eye... We’ll have to wait to find the truth out, it seems!