Salman Khan has an endearingly compassionate side too!

Updated: May 01, 2010, 11:45 AM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Infamous for his volatile temper and lady-killer image, Bollywood’s original enfant terrible Salman Khan is not all that meets the eye, for the hunk has a heart of gold.

Recently, while filming for his upcoming venture ‘Dabangg’ in Panchgani, the unpredictable Salman displayed rare emotions when he refused to kill a fish for his lunch.

It is believed that Salman loves fish and wanted to have it for his lunch, as he was missing home cooked food on the sets of his latest film. In order to please the superstar, the crewmembers of ‘Dabangg’ decided to treat Salman with fresh fish and altogether decided to go on a fishing expedition.

In the meantime, Salman, who was shooting in Mugaom came to Panchgani for the treat. By the time Salman Khan arrived, the crew had spent five hours catching a four-foot big whopper.

By the way, Salman had a change of heart at the sight of flailing fish and at once ordered the ‘Dabangg’ crew to release it.

Talking to a news daily, ‘Dabangg’ co-star Sonu Sood confirmed the incident and said, “Even I was amused that Salman, who loves fish, let it go.”

Well, that’s magnanimous Salman!