Salman Khan is too old to play a 21 yr-old lover-boy

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Salman Khan might be touted as the eternal bachelor of Bollywood with girls sighing at his sight but Sooraj Barjayta thinks otherwise. The director, who gave Salman his first ever blockbuster ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ that also marked his entry in Bollywood, says that that Salman is now old and he doesn’t do justice to the lover-boy image that he portrays onscreen.

The director states that no matter how hard he tries he can’t imagine Salman playing a 21-yr-old lad. The taskmaster was recently asked that why hasn’t he made a film with Salman for so long? To which he replied to a news daily, "There has to be a script which both of us like. It`s not necessary that we have to work together for the sake of it. However hard I try, I can`t make Salman look 21 years old. It`s a fact."

The director had earlier stated that Salman is far from being called young as he can no longer play the role of Prem, the name that had once become synonymous with Salman.

Well considering Salman has delivered this year’s biggest superhit ‘Dabangg’, we differ from Barjayta’s observations.