Salman Khan miffed over M-word used by Aamir Khan

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Looks like Aamir Khan has knack for courting troubles. This time, on the occasion of his b’day, he risked an open jibe on Salman Khan. Aamir’s recent remark hasn’t gone down well with the Bollywood hunk it seems. Industry’s eternal bachelor is not amused with the statement which Aamir made on Sallu stating that it’s high time for him to get married. Though it was a friendly advice, but Salman is clearly miffed by Aamir.

Aamir Khan, while celebrating birthday recently was asked a question by a reporter as who among the 40-plus actors would he like to see married?

To which Aamir smiled and said - “I am looking forward to the day when Salman gets married. He has so many good-looking girls roaming around him.”

Now everyone knows how Salman hates the M-word, so when the news reached Khan, he was obviously peeved with his good friend’s remark. Though he didn’t make his displeasure public, he once again reiterated that he is fed up with friendly marriage advice from all and sundry.

A source close to Salman talking to a daily said - “Salman bhai knows about the fact that Aamir has asked him to get married. He thinks now everybody will ask him the same question that Aamir has triggered. He will obviously give a corny and sarcastic answer to that one. I think Aamir has been telling this to Salman bhai earlier also. So he is not really amused with the remark.”

However, the source added, “Bhai has reacted to the statement but only with a joke to Aamir. He also wished him on his birthday.”

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