Salman Khan-Shah Rukh Khan rivalry: A new level altogether?

Zeenews Bureau

Delhi: Rumours, reports, and rubbish. When it comes to the two quintessential whales of the Hindi film industry – read: Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan – one doesn’t really know how much is too much. There have been many instances in the past where the two have taken digs at each other; sometimes directly, and obliquely at others. This time, it seems that Salman Khan has resorted to veiled methods of taking pot shots at his competitor – rival, maybe – Shah Rukh Khan.

When it comes to the release of a film, Salman had openly stated a while back that he is averse to the idea of promoting a film the way it is done these days. The ‘Dabangg’ star was quoted as saying, “Today you have to keep aside a month and a half for promotions because producers tie up with so many brands,” and is not really happy doing the same.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan’s film-promoting skills are not exactly anything that people don’t know. SRK is known to go to every length and breadth of the film promoting spectrum, and before the release of a film, King Khan leaves no stone unturned in cashing in on as much as his producers would want him to.

However, Salman’s comments on the way a film is promoted these days leaves little scope of imagination as to how different his and SRK’s ways are. And for all we know, this might just be another of Salman’s veiled attacks at Shah Rukh!