Salman refuses to be summoned by spot boys on ETT sets

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Big stars have their own tantrums. And when they are on the sets, the entire unit is on the tenterhooks. The unit of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is also facing a similar situation thanks to the film’s leading hero, Salman Khan.

The actor has issued a new diktat on the sets of his film. According to a source, the actor has barred unit members from summoning him for a shot while he is in his vanity van. The actor has apparently stated that he will come out to give his shot when he is ready for it.

The new ‘rule’ has obviously put the unit in an inconvenient situation. Speaking to a daily, one unit member said, “Salman wants to step out of his vanity when he feels like. Nobody can call him for a shot. The entire unit has to simply wait for him to alight. Even if it means delaying the shoot."

Owing to his superstar status, no one in the unit has had the courage to defy Salman and is complying with all his demands. "Salman often comes to the set late these days. Then he simply locks himself in his vanity van. He pays no heed to the shot that is being readied or is already prepared for him. The filmmakers can`t schedule his shots with other actors either since you can`t make Salman wait," another source added.

This isn’t the first time that Salman has behaved in a difficult manner on the set of ETT. Earlier, when the actor was asked to fly to Morocco to shoot for a song, the actor had refused and insisted that the set should be recreated in Mumbai itself. Helpless, the unit had to comply.

Salman, who is working with Aditya Chopra (the film’s producer, for the first time has also made it clear that he is working on the film on the behest of his former ladylove and now good friend Katrina Kaif. For him, working with Katrina was more important than working with the Yash Raj banner. But while everyone is eagerly looking forward to this unique combination’s film, Salman is perhaps making sure that the banner thinks twice before approaching him for another film.