Salman’s bodyguard roughs up Anna’s supporter!

Zeenews Bureau

Noida: Salman Khan’s bodyguard allegedly thrashed an anti-corruption activist, who wanted the actor to join Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption. The actor had to face heat when a police complaint was filed against him.

According to sources, Salman was returning from an event when activists of India Against Corruption approached the superstar to lend his support to the cause. However, the members of the Jan Rajya Party (Anna’s allies) were in for a rude shock when they were man-handled by the bodyguards of Salman.

Founded by the ex-IITians group, the President of the Jan Rajya Party, Deepak Bharat said, “His bodyguards hit us as soon as we moved near his vehicle. We just wanted to present him with Anna ‘topis’ and have his autograph on anti-corruption material. There was no provocation.”

Eyewitnesses said, “Salman`s bouncers manhandled the activists when they approached his car. There was no provocation except the anti-corruption slogans the group was raising,” said an eyewitness.

A police complaint was filed against Salman when his bodyguards allegedly hit Jan Rajya Party’s general secretary Omendra Bharat, who fainted and fell on the ground.

Omendra said he filed a police complaint against the actor and his bodyguards for manhandling the activists when they tried to present Salman an Anna ‘topi.’

Meanwhile, investigating officer Upendra Singh Rathi said that police have registered the complaint and they were investigating the matter. “Necessary action would be taken if the charges are found to be true.”

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