Salman’s sister makes a dig at SRK

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The two Khans, Salman and Shah Rukh, who have been on a rough equation since their spat at a party way back in 2008 are Bollywood’s most glorified enemies. However they try not to ignite their angered fire at most occasions when poked by media.

But recently it was Salman’s sister Alvira who made an attempt at adding fuel to the fire.

Last week, when Shah Rukh Khan’s ambitious film ‘RA.One’ was released, it had the whole country’s attention around it as it was one of the most anticipated films this year. Amidst all the curiosity and hype amongst audience and industry, Alvira Khan, Salman Khan’s sister was plotting a dig at SRK with the help of her Blackberry.

As reported by a daily, Alvira’s Blackberry status message interestingly read: ‘Even a Superhero needs a Bodyguard!’

This message spread in the industry like wild fire and people had different opinions to give on her sarcastic status message.

A source informed a daily that those close to Salman’s family have defended Alvira’s Blackberry status update on the pretext that RA.One garnered mixed reviews and she was entitled to her opinion.

However, some others in the industry are of the opinion that Alvira should have refrained from being this sarcastic. “This is nothing but sarcasm. They need not take such a dig at SRK,” said a supporter of the SRK camp.

In fact, fanatic fans and supporters of SRK feel it was Salman who must have asked his sister to put such a status message.

The source explained a tabloid, “Alvira looks up to Salman and wouldn’t do anything drastic like this without being told. And even if this was her idea, she must have definitely informed him and asked for his consent to write the message. Either way, Salman must be in the loop.”

However, a friend of Alvira’s defended, “Yes, Alvira did put up that Blackberry status message which you are talking about. So what if she did? Blackberry status messages are meant to be fun. It was just a joke between Alvira and one of her close friends. It was not meant to take a dig at Shah Rukh.”

Oh well, here comes yet another controversy between the reigning Khans of Bollywood!