Sandra Bullock gets restraining order against stalker

Updated: Aug 08, 2010, 15:30 PM IST

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock has obtained a permanent restraining order against a man accused for stalking her seven years ago.

A Los Angeles judge issued the order against stalker Thomas James Weldon, banning him from approaching the Oscar-winning actress, her adopted son and her three former stepchildren. The order will remain in place for three years, reports

Bullock, who didn`t attend the Los Angeles hearing, first obtained a restraining order against Weldon in 2003. The order was extended but expired in 2009 because he was being held in a Tennessee mental hospital.

According to Bullock`s attorney, Ed McPherson, Weldon travelled to Wyoming in an alleged attempt to meet the `The Proposal` actress once he was released earlier this year.

McPherson said: "It`s obvious that this fixation on her has not changed despite seven years in the hospital in Tennessee."