Sandra Bullock ‘to reunite with ex-hubby on Christmas’

Melbourne: ‘The Proposal’ star Sandra Bullock will reportedly spend Christmas with her ex-husband Jesse James.

Bullock separated from James early this year after news of his affair with tattoo model and stripper Michelle McGee surfaced.

Now, as per Hollywire, she wants to spend Christmas with her former husband’s children to allow her adopted son Louis to bond with them.

“Sandra is making plans for a Christmas reunion for Louis and her former step kids, so they can spend time together and bond. And she’s agreed to allow Jesse to come, as well,” quoted a source as saying.

“Sandra wants to make sure Louis grows up knowing Jesse’s children, so she is willing to put the past behind her for the sake of the kids,” said the source.

“Sandra knows that having Jesse’s family in Louis’s life is good for him ... so she’s opening her home and her heart to the children, inviting them to visit at Christmas time,” the source added.