Sanjay does not like Sunny Leone, says Salman

Mumbai: The much awaited and controversial season of `Bigg Boss` came to an end Saturday night. Salman Khan, the dramatic host of the show spoke to media in order to clear the air on many controversies that centered around him. He also spoke about the concluded reality show’s contestants, actors Pooja Bedi and Mahek Chahal.

And yes, he even talked about the controversy surrounding him and Bedi, who alleged (on Twitter) that Salman not only got her voted out of the Bigg Boss house, but also ensured that she not be allowed to participate in the finale of the show.

“Yes, tomorrow Pooja will blame me for her birth too!” quips Salman, adding, “In the last 20 years, I must’ve met her 2-3 times, so I know her that well (smirking). Actually when she was voted out from the show, she had sent me a lengthy sms, saying how my fans are ridiculing her and are threatening to harm her children. So I posted a tweet, ‘Don’t stress abt it, known Pooja since 20 yrs, she is sweet, let it go. Its all good,’ as I didn’t want them to face any troubles. But then she didn’t want to stop, and went on and on.”

Pausing a while, he quips again, “She may be outside the house, but her soul is still inside that house. I was initially surprised at her behaviour, but not anymore.”

Pooja also alleged that the actor favoured co-contestant, actor Mahek Chahal. “If there’s any one person that needed a push in the show, it would have been me. I would’ve loved to host and spend more time with Baba (Sanjay Dutt). I had no clue that Mahek was thrown out of the house since I was shooting in Istanbul, Anatolia, Pittsburg, Dublin, New York etc, traveling everywhere for my film. Do you think I have that much time to keep track of Mahek’s time-table in this?” says Salman. He then adds, “She (Mahek) is a hardworking girl. I have worked with her in two films. Many think that I had referred her name, but it was my dress designer Ashley Rebello who suggested her name. If I have ever suggested a name for the show, it was Laxmi’s (Narayan Tripathi),that too for the last season. But they got her in this season and I was very happy with that. I so wanted her to be in the house. She is an educated girl, dignified and smarter than anyone inside or outside the house. If she had been in the house, she would’ve verbally and physically lashed these fools, who yell and scream for footage. I wanted her to win too.”

Besides Laxmi, it’s adult film star Sunny Leone, who gets the Khan nod. “She was quite dignified more than many others inside the house. But Baba doesn’t like her much,” grins Salman, looking at Dutt.

So, will he fulfill her wish to act in Bollywood and cast her in one of his films? “Hmmmm,” the star smiles mischievously again.“I have seen her on Bigg Boss and she was good. I believe she’s very professional in her work and hard-working. So when I do have a typical Indian girl kind of role, I will think about her,” adds Salman.