Sanjay Dutt’s parole delayed

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

New Delhi: Sanjay Dutt’s parole from Yerawada Jail in Pune has been delayed. The actor, who has been convicted for 42 months in jail, has been reportedly denied permission to leave to look after his wife for a month due to the fact that he could not provide adequate surety.

A leading daily reported that the controversial star had received the parole order from the divisional commissioner but was not let out due to unavailability of proper permissions and failing to meet parole conditions.

When the parole order was announced on Friday, several RPI activists had staged a protest against the release of Dutt, waving black flags and shouting slogans that Dut was being given preferential treatment due to his clout.

Further controversy erupted as Manyata Dutt, the wife of the actor who was supposedly ill, was spotted at a film event a few days earlier. Sanjay Dutt had asked for parole on the grounds of the fact that his wife needed surgery. There reports that a doctor had confirmed the claim and that Manyata was suffering from a liver ailment and complications in her heart.

The parole was granted for 30 days in which the actor had to report for 2 days each week to a parole officer.