Sans ‘Dada’ Kolkata says no to Shah Rukh’s KKR

Updated: Apr 13, 2011, 18:23 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Looks like Shah Rukh Khan is losing out on number of Kolkata Knight Rider fans. In a recent match of KKR against Deccan Chargers played at Eden Gardens, the stadium was nearly empty.

Shah Rukh was present at Eden Garden for the match but sadly wasn’t able to garner much support from the people as the public is still miffed with the superstar for dropping Ganguly from the team. Says a KKR fan “There`s a sense of betrayal for SRK, which is unfortunate”.

Locals have almost banned the IPL this year. They are not really flocking the stadium to watch KKR matches as their favourite ‘Dada’ is not playing.

Another fan of KKR adds “ Ganguly was the hero of `KKR`. The people are crazy about him. KKR was all about Ganguly and not SRK. With him gone, the lustre has gone, and the people aren`t going to be kind."

Some fans feel that crowd on the stands may increase if KKR manages to win a couple of matches. Though KKR beat the Deccan Chargers on the pitch that evening, people of Kolkata are yet to embrace Shah Rukh with open arms once again.