Sasha is obsessed with sushi, thanks to Vir Das

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Just a look at the cast of ‘Badmassh Company’, and you cannot but stop thinking about what fun the crew must have had while shooting the film. And on top of that, the excitement increases when the exceptional jester Vir Das is around. Shahid has reasons to thank Vir for introducing him to a cuisine. Sushi is Sasha’s latest dish of the season!

News has it that comedy man Vir Das enjoyed every bit of his stay in all overseas locations sharing incredible vibes with co-stars Shahid Kapoor, Anushka and Chang. After the shoot was over for the day, the foursome used to hang out and go for dinner together and it was Vir, who often ordered the food. And since he loves sushi he suggested Shahid try the vegetable Sushi.

Apparently, it turned out as a revelation and the dish was an instant hit with Shahid, and it became a daily ritual for all four of them to try out vegetable sushi every day. Shahid and Vir bonded over sushi big time.

Sources on the sets say that around pack up time, every day Shahid would ask Vir as to what plans they had for dinner and Vir would take the cast of ‘Badmaash Company’ to a new Sushi place every night.

Well, you can say Shasha’s addicted to sushi. Blame it on Vir!


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