Satyajit Ray`s words still inspire me: Tom Alter

Kolkata: Actor and theatre personality Tom Alter had words of advice from legendary director Satyajit Ray while working with Satyajit Ray in "Shatranj Ke Khiladi", which still inspire him.

"After shooting he called me. I was very excited and hoping for some advice from one of the greatest directors in the universe. The only words he said was: good job Tom, keep it up," said Alter with a loud chuckle.

"The words coming from the master still inspire me. I can never forget them," said Alter, who is in the city for his film "Cheekha" (The Crier) being screened at the 18th Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF).

The thespian who has "many many fond" memories of the city, said would love to write a book on Kolkata.

Reminiscing his days in the city while shooting "Shatranj Ke Khiladi", he said: "It was very hot and humid and Richard Attenborough was sweating profusely and feeling uncomfortable. To his rescue came the legendary Bengali actor Uttam Kumar who opened his air conditioned make-up room, the only one in the city that time."

"I have many such fond memories from the city,` added Alter.

While Attenborough played General James Outram in the movie, Alter essayed the role of Captain Weston, Outram`s aide de camp.

Talking about "Cheekha", his latest venture which he has produced and plays the role of a monk, Alter said the film was one of the finest of his career.

Directed by newcomer M.A. Rajan, "Cheekha" is a musical ballad, a story of a mysterious old man (Cheekha) who made erotic sounds for a prostitute, lying confined under the bed of the woman.

"A monk (Alter) travels from the Himalayas to unfold the secret life of the prostitute and her slave named Cheekha who could sing like a bird, hum like a bee and cry like a woman in the deepest throes of desires," said Rajan about his debut Hindi movie.