Sayali Bhagat to sue Shiney Ahuja and wife?

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Going by this recent episode which has created enough flutter to raise eyebrows, it seems quite likely that B-town folk’s follow a heady life which often leads them to make funny contra statements.

Yes, we are taking about the new controversy involving starlet Sayali Bhagat and tainted actor Shiney Ahuja. The actress recently blamed Shiney for misbehaving with her in April only to change her statement in subsequent interviews.

Reportedly, there was news that Sayali Bhagat was miffed with the gossip circulated all over that Shiney pinched her butt while filming their upcoming flick ‘Ghost’. Later she enlightened more on the lecherous habits of Shiney saying that he didn’t pinch her butt, but made quite a few passes at her and also made it quite clear that working with Shiney was no less than mental molestation.

The situation became murkier with the involvement of Shiney’s wife Anupam, who allegedly threatened Sayali to stop maligning her husband’s image.

Bhagat’s move, sources confirm has triggered a rage in Sayali and it has been confirmed that she would be filing a complaint of sexual harassment against the actor.

Apparently, ever since, Shiney’s wife Anupam has been spamming her messages, asking her to not go ahead with a police complaint, Sayali has reportedly decided to include Anupam in her complaint.

Anupam had stood by her hisband through thick and thin, shouting to all and sundry that her husband is innocent. When the Bombay High Court granted him bail in April this year, she was there again, cheering his release.

It remains to be seen how well she can support her husband this time around.

Sayali will be filing a police complaint against the couple at Malad Police Station shortly.

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