Schwarzenegger, Medvedev exchange tweets in Moscow

Moscow: California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sunday arrived in Moscow for a visit aimed at promoting Russia`s high-tech industry, promptly exchanging Twitter messages with President Dmitry Medvedev.

Schwarzenegger is leading a delegation of leading technology executives which will Monday hold talks with Medvedev and visit Skolkovo outside Moscow, the site of a planned Russian equivalent of Silicon Valley.

Medvedev has championed the plan to develop a flourishing high-tech industry in Russia similar to California to wean the economy off its dependence on oil and gas reserves.

"Just landed in Moscow. Beautiful day. Can`t wait to see Pres Medvedev," Schwarzenegger wrote on his official Twitter page after arriving in the Russian capital.

"@Schwarzenegger, welcome to Moscow. Looking forward to meeting you and your delegation at @skolkovo," Medvedev responded in his message on the Microblogging site.

Tech-savvy Medvedev was inspired by his visit to California earlier this year to start his Twitter microblog on which he raved about the atmosphere in Silicon Valley.

"Russia`s commitment to creating its own high-tech hub will not only benefit Russia`s people and economy, but also California`s," Schwarzenegger said in a statement released by his office.

The Austrian-born actor and ex-bodybuilder has already had some exposure to Russian culture.

He played Russian policeman Ivan Danko sent on a mission to the United States in the 1988 thriller ‘Red Heat’, adopting a thick Russian accent and even mustering some comprehensible words of the original language.

Schwarzenegger`s delegation includes figures like former Intel chairman Craig Barrett and leading executives from companies like Google, Microsoft and Oracle.

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