Script is what works for the film, says Ajay Devgn

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: The two time National award winning actor, Ajay Devgn admits that an actor’s life moves at a lightning speed owing to the film promotional tours and busy shooting schedule.

Speaking to a daily, Ajay however said, “Highly saleable actors or huge promotions do not work! It is only the script that works.”

The actor further added, “There are no regulations here, unlike the South Indian film industry, as to how much publicity and promotion one can do for a film. In the South, it is regulated and defined on how much an actor will promote a film. Since others do get involved in promotions in a big way, we also have to join the bandwagon.”

The actor has portrayed various characters and has mastered roles of various genres from comedy to action to romantic flicks. The super talented actor does get quite concerned about his films’ success at the Box-Office.

About his stint so far in Bollywood the actor said, “I did try method acting earlier, but it did not work. Professional insecurities are common with human beings but I realised if something does not excite me, I should not do it for the sake of being registered as an actor with a `lot of work` in Bollywood.”