Sean Connery to eat non-stop on 80th birthday

Updated: Aug 26, 2010, 08:50 AM IST

Los Angeles: `James Bond` star Sean Connery will celebrate his 80th birthday by eating "non-stop" to put on some weight which he lost after a recent surgery.

The Hollywood legend has plans to spend his birthday Wednesday with his wife Micheline and other loved ones at his home in the Bahamas, reports a news website.

"I`m swimming every day and I`m even trying to get the golf swing working again - but that might take a little bit longer. During the summer, I wasn`t in pain, but I wasn`t feeling great.

"I came to the Edinburgh Film Festival in June then when I left for the south of France, I realised I`d lost a bit of weight and needed to change my regime. I`ve done that and the last few days have been pretty special with the family here. We`ve eaten non-stop and it has been a great celebration," said Connery.

He has been lying low in recent months after undergoing surgery on his shoulder, but says he will be fine soon.