Sean Penn’s gal pal was provoked into catfight, claims her lawyer

New York: Jessica White, who was arrested recently over a catfight outside a club, was provoked into the fight with the alleged victim, her lawyer has claimed.

Jessica was taken into custody after she hit victim Vanessa Kian, repeatedly in the face over a cab.

The 26-year-old American model was held for 12 hours before being released by a judge.

She has been charged with misdemeanour assault and is due in court in December.

“Stories concerning celebrities frequently get blown up, and I``m confident that when the air is released from this blown-up story that has obviously been over inflated, all that will be left will be hot air with no substance,’ the New York Post quoted the judge as saying.

White and a group of five friends reportedly went to the corner of 10th Avenue and 17th Street to look for a cab when Kian approached White.


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