Seasick Halle Berry throws up on co-star Oliver Martinez`s shoes

Wellington: Halle Berry got so sea sick while shooting for her new movie ‘Dark Tides’, that she ended up vomiting on co-star Oliver Martinez``s shoes on the first day itself.

The actress plays Kate in the film, with Oliver portraying Kate`s estranged husband Jeff.

Jeff convinces his ex-partner to start working with sharks again, which meant that Halle had to spend a lot of time in water.

The movie was shot in South Africa, and the actress has confessed that it took her a long time to find her sea legs.

"I got seasick the first day, threw up on Olivier`s shoes. About nine people got taken off the boat because they couldn`t handle it," quoted her as telling Entertainment Tonight.

"I touched a real shark, like a real great white shark in the wild! When I went to go touch the shark they had me tethered to the boat, and I finally said, ``Wait a second, why am I tied to the boat?`` And they said, ``Well if the shark gets you, we want them to just get your arm and not your whole body!`` [But] we all knew that we took every safety precaution, it was something I wanted to do and that I felt like you know would be safe to try to do,” she added.