Shabana Azmi distraught over news of Farooq Sheikh`s death

IANS| Updated: Dec 28, 2013, 16:48 PM IST

Mumbai: Actress Shabana Azmi, Farooque Sheikh`s co-star for 21 years in the popular play `Tumari Amrita` who had also worked with the actor in several films, is devastated with the news of his sudden death.

One of Indian cinema`s finest actors, Farooque was on a holiday with his wife and two daughters in Dubai when he suddenly died of a massive heart attack.

Devastated by the suddenness of the tragedy, Shabana said: "I can`t believe he`s gone so suddenly and so cruelly! Farooque was in Dubai with his wife and daughters when he suddenly suffered a massive heart attack. He just collapsed! Just like that. Is that any way to go?"

Shabana did some of her best films with Farooque. These include Sagar Sarhadi`s `Lorie`, Kalpana Lajmi`s `Ek Pal` and Muzaffar Ali`s `Anjuman`. Not to mention the play `Tumhari Amrita`, directed by Feroz Abbas Khan.

"We were close friends from before we worked together. We were in college together. I can`t believe he`s gone," she said.

Farooque began his illustrious film career with M.S. Sathyu`s `Garam Hawa`. He went on to do some of the most iconic Hindi films including Sai Paranjpye`s `Chashme Buddoor` and Sagar Sarhadi`s `Bazaar`. He was last seen last month in Sanjay Tripathy`s `Club 60`.