Shah Rukh banned from Wankhede for 5 years

Mumbai: The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) Friday slapped a five-year ban on actor Shah Rukh Khan from entering the Wankhede Stadium over his alleged misbehaviour at the ground Wednesday night.

Khan, co-owner of Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), had allegedly misbehaved with security personnel and MCA officials Wednesday night.

"The managing committee of MCA condemns the behaviour of Shah Rukh Khan. After his fight at the stadium Wednesday night, the actor has shown no regrets for his action and behaviour. In fact, he justified his actions. The managing committee is forced to ban Mr Shah Rukh Khan from the entering Wankhede Stadium," Deshmukh said after an emergency meeting of the MCA here.

He said nobody could support such behaviour, be it the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the Indian Premier League (IPL) or the MCA.

"Our decision to ban Shah Rukh Khan was unanimous. There was a proposal of lifetime ban, but we want to send a message that this is not how one should behave," Deshmukh, the union minister for science and technology, said.

"This is a message for everyone. Anyone who misbehaves or breaks any rules shall face a similar ban," he added.

"We have already written to BCCI and have apprised them of the situation and the decision that might follow. We don`t expect
anybody to pressurise us to change our decision," he said.

Asked why no committee was set up to probe the incident, Deshmukh said that majority of members were present during the brawl and they were all witness to the incident.

"As most committee members were present during the brawl, they were all witness to the entire episode and hence there was no need to set up a committee to investigate the incident," he said.

According to the resolution passed by MCA after an hour-long meeting, Khan will not be able to enter Wankhede Stadium for five years "neither as a team owner not as a member of the audience".

Replying to allegations by the actor that his daughter was manhandled by MCA officials, Deshmukh said: "We have not received any complaint from Shah Rukh Khan yet. He is unapologetic and justified his actions."

"We will also genuinely look into the matter if Shah Rukh lodges a complaint regarding the same," he added.

"We have informed BCCI about the ban, but since this property belongs to MCA, we have decided on the ban," he added.

Deshmukh said a complaint has been registered in Mumbaia`s Marine Drive Police Station by the MCA officials and that the police is investigating the matter.

On Thursday, Deshmukh had termed the event as grave and said a decision will be taken on the ban after going through the entire sequence of events.

Stating that the security personnel and officials from the MCA were equally rude, Khan had maintained that he will not apologise for his Wednesday night behaviour.

Khan allegedly misbehaved and pushed the security guard at the stadium and also abused officials of MCA when they tried to intervene late Wednesday night.