Shah Rukh could have been Munnabhai

Updated: Apr 01, 2012, 16:51 PM IST

Mumbai: Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra says that Shah Rukh Khan had always been his first choice for most of his films, be it `3 Idiots`, `Munnabhai MBBS`, or the yet-to-be released `Ferrari Ki Sawari`.

"Shah Rukh was offered `3 Idiots`, `Ferrari Ki Sawari`, `Munnabhai` and other films. He is our first guy - we go to him first and if he says no, then we move on," Chopra told reporters here.

Shah Rukh had backed out of `Munnabhai MBBS` because of back trouble and could not do `3 Idiots` because of date issues. If Chopra had his way, SRK would have been the Munnabhai of `Munnabhai MBBS` and Sanjay Dutt would have played the small role of Zaheer, a cancer patient.

"Today, I feel Sanjay is perfect as Munna and same way Sharman fits the central role in `Ferrari Ki Sawari`. It is all about writing and getting the right actor for the right role, which is difficult," Chopra said.