Shah Rukh Khan all set to perform in Singapore

Singapore: Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan will be the star performer during an award extravaganza in Singapore this January.

The actor along with a host of other showbiz celebrities will attend the Zee Cine awards at Marina Bay Sands resort, to be held on January 14, next year.

"I`ll be performing a little dance. That goes without saying if you`re from Bollywood! But we`re going to try and make it a little more creative, in terms of having some interactive bits with the audience.... It`ll be something from My Name is Khan," Khan said in a statement.

"The songs in that film are a little more gentle, so I think they`ll try and get a lot of girls to join in and make it a big event," he added.

The resort`s Sands Grand Ballroom, which is rated to be the largest in Southeast Asia, would be transformed into a magnificent theatre infused with the opulence of Bollywood, said Marina Bay Sands.

"To accommodate the larger-than-life setup, the stage is being custom-made from scratch and will be created for better viewing," it said.

Bollywood stars are expecting to attend the one-day award ceremony in Singapore.

Shah Rukh stayed at the resort last Sunday when he attended the ICICI Bank`s charity donation, and as brand ambassador joined the bank management in handing a cheque of SGD 100,000 to the Singapore Indian Development Association.