Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar turn from foes to friends

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: They have been fighting for the numero-uno spot for quite some time now and were recently pitted against one another for a role in Farah Khan’s movie, but the animosity between Shah Rukh and Akshay Kumar is now a thing of the past.

Believe it or not but the two have become thick buddies and are busy strengthening their new found friendship by exchanging some high priced gifts.

Among the numbered Titans in Bollywood, the two actors are often seen competing. But things seem to have changed now. As per reports Shah Rukh sent a congratulatory SMS to Akshay appreciating him for his performance in ‘Housefull’. The actor was so impressed by Akshay`s histrionics in the film, that he gifted him a very expensive watch as a mark of his appreciation.

Akshay, who wanted to reciprocate the gesture, sent a far more expensive watch to SRK.

And that’s not all, the two actors also exchange health tips. Akshay had earlier said in an interview, "Every time I meet Shah Rukh, we talk about his back pain and the remedies. I have discussed water treatment (hydrotherapy) with him at length."

Well, looks like the rivalry over Farah opting for Akshay instead of SRK for her movie ‘Tees Maar Khan’ is clearly forgotten by the two hunks.