Shah Rukh Khan has given a bad name to IPL: Rozlyn Khan

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Rozlyn Khan might not have substantial work to her credit but has succeeded in making headlines quite frequently. The small time actress and model who made news for showing off her butt for an IPL promotion photo shoot, has given her testimony on Sidhartha Mallya and Shah Rukh Khan.

Rozlyn has slammed the Bangalore Royal Challengers owner by calling him an ill-mannered man. Talking to a daily, she said, “The news reports claim that Zohal Hameed - about whom Sid tweeted in derogatory manner - was staying in a hotel room, which was booked in his team`s name. So, it means, Zohal was invited to that party. In any case, in such high profile parties, people can`t just walk in without having a proper invite. So, it`s like you first invite a girl and then try to molest her! Even if that girl had dubious credentials, and was asking for Sidhartha`s BB pin, Sid never gave her his pin, right. So, why`s he insulting her publically, and washing the dirty linen in public! He had the option of throwing her out of the party, if she was such a negative character. It`s so cheap so belittle her later; Siddharth Mallya is really not a gentleman! Moreover, nobody has the right to misbehave with a girl or molest her, even if she`s a call girl!”
The model went a step ahead by accusing Shah Rukh Khan of defaming IPL.

“Even Shah Rukh Khan has given a bad name to IPL. Frankly speaking, all these pangas and scandals didn`t happen during the IPL matches, they happened, either after a match, or during the after-parties. But, all these things have earned a bad reputation for the IPL,” she said.

Hmm…so does Rozlyn think she is doing a much better job by showing off her butt to promote a sport! We really wonder.

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