Shah Rukh Khan – India’s most unfashionable icon?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: The country’s favourite star Shah Rukh Khan may not think twice before proclaiming himself as the ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’, but when it comes to fashion, here’s what he said recently while addressing a media event – “White T-shirt, blue jeans without belt, white socks without holes, innerwear without an ego and smile on the face is my style.”

With that statement of his, you cannot help but think about his tactful ways of making himself admired even more by his fans. He may not be as big a trend-setter as David Beckham or even heartthrob Robert Pattinson in terms of making a fashion statement on red carpet or otherwise but he surely has an inimitable style.

There are millions across the globe for whom Shah Rukh is simply a God. His loyalists have no qualms in admitting that they adore his style. Be it the way he says ‘Inshaallah’ whenever someone compliments him or the way he throws kisses to his fans every time he makes a public appearance.

The chequered scarves he sported during ‘Om Shanti Om’ or even the designer sling that he wore on his left arm after he underwent a surgery to repair a tear in his shoulder muscle went on to become fashion accessories!

It would be unfair not to mention some of SRK’s style statements that include Polo Tees and friendship bands which his films made popular and even those trademark eye glasses he wears daily.

“My glasses are by Tag Heuer. I have them in many colours, even a pink one” said SRK once after he was asked by his fans as to where does he get his cool eye glasses from.

The star made stubble popular post ‘Chak De’ and Allen Solly formals fashionable post ‘Swades’. So, a man who can make even stammering sound stylish post ‘Darr’ may claim to be unfashionable, but he’s definitely a trend setter for millions!

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