Shah Rukh Khan lashes out at KRK over tweet story

Zee Media Bureau/Anindita Dev

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan is a no nonsense person for sure. He is known in the industry for his sensibility towards gossip mongers, and is rarely heard making any political statements on Twitter.

But his patience of tolerance level were put to test by none other than “attention-seeker” and the very controversial Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK), who tweeted few posts involving the Khan trinity- Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman, claiming that these superstars would leave India if Narendra Modi were to become the Prime Minister of India.

The tweet had succeeded to stir a controversy around the Tinsel town. KRK`s prank did not end there. He went on to the extent of even attaching a fake screenshot of Shah Rukh`s tweet.

We all know that creating fake tweets with the aid of advanced technology is not an impossible task these days.

Check the screenshot:

Shah Rukh couldn’t take such false allegations lying down and took to Twitter to clarify his stance.
He tweeted:

In a hilarious twist, KRK had announced that he is leaving India, soon after the election results were out. The strangest bit in the story is that the controversial actor said that he is leaving because Narendra Modi is touted to be the next Prime Minister of India.

While the entire industry has congratulated the man of the moment, Narendra Modi, on social media, Kamaal tried yet another way to grab attention by adopting such bizarre and annoying method.

It's high time KRK`s pranks are put to rest.

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