Shah Rukh Khan on corruption in India

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan, who until recently kept away from political statements, has spoken about the ongoing anti-corruption movement in the country.

The superstar however refrained from naming anyone, despite knowing the fact that the movement is led by Anna Hazare, a 72 year old Gandhian.

Expressing his take on corruption and red-tapism in India, Shah Rukh while addressing the media said, “The process to eradicate corruption is a must for every one. This is a very important aspect, whether movement against corruption, act or a bill. It would be beneficial in the long term. I do not want to say anything on anybody.”

The actor was actually promoting his latest `Don 2` when he was intrigued by reporters present there to speak about corruption. But King Khan was at his diplomatic best.

Crowned as the Baadshah of Bollywood, SRK hasn’t had pleasant experiences when it came to matters related to politics. His comments on the inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in IPL stirred a storm and drew flak from Shiv Sena and other parties representing the saffron brigade.

Khan’s `My Name Is Khan` too ran into troubled waters after Shiv Sena objected to its screening in the country.

We understand why you are distancing yourself from making political statements but hope you are doing your bit to uproot corruption from the country Mr. Khan!

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