Shah Rukh Khan to get rid of chain smoking, thanks to Hrithik

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Impossible is nothing for Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan. After he successfully quit smoking, the superstar is hell bent on making his friends kick the butt. If sources are to be believed, it is learned that Arjun Rampal is not lighting up cigarettes anymore, and going by Hrithik’s determination, it appears that he’ll soon make chain smoker Shah Rukh too leave the habit.

Though it seem impossible as SRK is addicted to the cigarette and is always seen puffing away almost more than a pack of it every single day. But when contacting Hrithik, he said, "Arjun Rampal has teamed up with me and given up. SRK is next!"

According to a good friend of Duggu, it was revealed that Hrithik has kept his promise that he would quit smoking the day his last film ‘Guzaarish’ released.

The friend adds, “Hrithik has been able to make one chain smoker, Arjun Rampal to leave the habit. Let`s see if SRK would give in to his friend`s request. Hrithik is very motivated to see SRK quit cigarettes but understands that it will be a difficult proposition given SRK`s habit of smoking so many of them in one day. He has to cut down very slowly. Hrithik will give him the company and support he needs and explain why he needs to do that.”

Ask Hrithik how one can have so much will power and he shoots, "I started with the excuse of it being a part of the character two years ago with the idea that I`ll stop after the film. I`ve always loved exploring with different experiences but a true adventurer needs courage and a will of iron. I love throwing challenges at myself and this was tough, but I`ve conquered it and grown stronger in the process. It`s empowering."