Shah Rukh Khan to Prosenjit everyone proves ageing is no taboo: Kaushik Sen

Kolkata: Having worn specs in the upcoming film by a woman director, popular film actor and theatre personality Kaushik Sen today said ageing gracefully is the new fad in showbiz everywhere.

"I am donning a stylish Titan Eye plus spec in the next flick by Sudipa Chatterjee," Kaushik told reporters here.

The film Bobbyr Bondhura is being made by first time director Sudipa Chatterjee who had earlier penned several realistic flicks including, Charulata 2011, Mrs Sen and A Political Murder.

"In Bobbyr Bondhura I am again cast in a middle-aged role who is fastidious about looking stylish. Even if your age shows there is no point in hiding. Make the most of it," the brooding actor said.

"Look how stars from Akshay Kumar to SRK have made little effort to hide their ages. Wearing stubble and looking stylish is the in thing," the popular theatre group Swapnosandhani lead man said.

"And here in Bengal we have personalities ranging from Bumbada (Prosenjit Chatterjee) to the ever young Soumitra Kaku (Soumitra Chatterjee). Aren`t they looking younger with age", Kaushik said.

"In fact I was part of a TV talk show with Soumitrokaku where he was given four different coloured frames and he chose a colorful one," Kaushik said.

Kaushik, whose film with national award winner Anjan Das in Ajana Batas is also awaiting release, where he is cast as a flamboyant poet, said he had mostly been portrayed as characters belonging to his age and there was no dichotomy between wearing treandy fashionwear and glasses as such.

"In all my upcoming films apart from the various shades in characters I act myself," he added.

"We have chosen Kaushik Sen to launch our Flair collection due to his acceptability among middle class Bengali audiences who mostly see content-rich, arthouse films," a senior official of Titain Eyewear Division said.