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Shah Rukh Khan's 'silly teachings' strikes a chord with fans!

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Mumbai: On September 5, when all of Bollywood went into bouts of nostalgia remembering and thanking their teachers, superstar Shah Rukh Khan had something different to do. King Khan took to Twitter to impart, according to the actor, “ten silly teachings”.

The actor began by tweeting, “On Teachers day...let me give u ten silly teachings. Warning..these r in jest…”, and then went on to tweet his ‘teachings’. Here’s what the ten commandments are:

1. “The fewer the facts u have..the stronger will be ur opinion”
2. "The only person who can get all his work done by Friday is Robinson Crusoe...the rest cant so dont be hard on urself. Enjoy the weekend"
3. "Women do come with instructions....all u need to do is ask them and more importantly HEAR them."
4. "Girls, men who use Emoticons in their msgs r extremely `cute` and extremely avoidable...they r EMOtionally CONfused"
5. "Once in a while look up at the sky and say a thanx for the moon...the sun...the stars and the satellites...for the connectivity"
6."Its advisable to pick ur friends...ur profession...ur choices...but just dont pick ur nose...ever"
7."At ur daughters dance show, u will miss half her performance cos u will mistake sum other lil girl onstage for ur daughter & look at her"
8."Becos u only see `beware of dog` signs & never a `Nice Dog` sign outside rich ppls houses...does not mean dogs r not nice. They are."
9."As soon we attract enuff attention in the world to play a part in it, we r set rolling like a ball which will never again be at rest."
10."Make 5 pieces of work (films in my case) u will be remembered for...and learn one song to play on the guitar."

Wow, Shah Rukh! We sure are impressed by your “silly teachings”!

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