Shah Rukh plays the perfect babysitter in absence of Gauri

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan may be ruling Bollywood but when it comes to his family, he is not the boss. He is much too happy to allow the efficient Gauri Khan to take over and meekly follows her instructions.

According to the latest news, the King Khan played the super papa to his kids when Gauri was vacationing with friends Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan.

Sources reveal that the actor enjoyed baby-sitting Aryan and Suhana, while Gauri joined her best buddy Karan Johar in the US to celebrate his birthday.

SRK, who loves spending time with his kids, enjoyed his new real-life role and happily took care of his children. Aryan and Suhana loved being pampered by their dad.

The actor, who has already made a huge mark in the film world, has never been in favour of neglecting his family for success. He is left with little time but tries to make the most of it and is seen with his family at every social do. So, while Gauri was taking a break, SRK filled her place like a pro. Kudos to King daddy!