Shah Rukh spoils our kids, says wife Gauri Khan

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Gauri Khan is a reticent wife as compared to the wives of other superstars, who love to flaunt their status. So, little is known about the marital life of the celebrity couple. However, in a recent interview, Gauri Khan opened up and talked about hubby Shah Rukh Khan and their kids candidly.

“His (Shah Rukh’s) study is one of my favourite rooms. It feels good to see him moving around in that room, or just sitting there and working. It just feels nice to see him at home,” she said.

Talking about SRK’s need for privacy, Gauri said, “That’s his space, and I don’t interfere there at all. He can do anything that his heart pleases there (Shah Rukh calls this room his kennel!).”

The down-to-earth Gauri said that it doesn’t feel too great to be a superstar’s wife. “Don’t ask me how it feels to be a superstar’s wife. It doesn’t feel anything different. I can’t keep on praising him all the time. That would be so boring.”

When asked whether she would go for a career in films, Gauri said, “I don’t think so. I did the ad because I felt like it. But Bollywood? I am too old for it. I would’ve considered Bollywood if I had been a little younger. At this age, it’s completely ruled out. Being in front of the camera is a lot of hard work, and I’m not cut-out for it. I was so tired doing the commercial that I slept for two days after that.”

Gauri also revealed that SRK is very easy on the kids. “Oh! He spoils them. I am the stricter of the two,” she said.

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