Shahid gets marriage proposal from an Iranian girl!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Bollywood charmer Shahid Kapoor has had a string of affairs with many beauties after his infamous break-up with long-time girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. But, none of his earlier romances made it to the aisle. However, when a die-hard admirer came all the way from Iran with a proposal of marriage for the bachelor actor, he was nothing but shocked!

Believe it or not, the girl landed at Mumbai airport with the sole intention of marrying her screen idol. According to sources, an Iranian nationalist Parvena Fagari created quite a ruckus at the international airport demanding to see Shahid Kapoor so that she can meet him and ask him out for nothing, but marriage!

She was going around with an album filled with the actor’s photos and trying to find his address. She went to the extent of tearing her passport when the airport officials tried to pacify her. It is reported that the police have informed the Iranian Embassy, as she is left with no money and passport.

Shahid, however, is still to comment on the whole fracas. It is well known that Shahid has a huge fan base which covers large portion of the Middle East as well, so for a fan crossing borders to meet the star is flattering. Ask the dimpled Shahid?