Shahid Kapoor stalked by a late actor’s daughter

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Hot Bollywood property Shahid Kapoor got the scare of his life when a persistent female stalker turned up at his 13th floor apartment in the wee hours of the morning just to see him!

The girl in her early 30’s is known to be accosting Shahid since quite some time. She has been following him at odd hours, claiming to be his wife and even dodging security to ring his doorbell at 3am in morning.

Shahid, so far has been trying to deal with it cautiously, since the woman happens to be the daughter of an iconic yesteryear actor.

According to an eye-witnesses, “the woman, who lives in the adjacent high-rise, recently scaled the boundary wall, managed to dodge the security and ran up to Shahid`s apartment on the 13th floor of Raheja Classique and began pounding on his door. As soon as the actor realised who she was, he called up the security and four of them rushed upstairs and escorted the woman away.”

“Shahid, who is aware of her background, has been sensitive enough to ignore these incidents so far, but Wednesday night was a little serious and he has decided to highlight this as a security breach with his society," Shahid`s friend told media.

"She has had a troubled life and could never quite recover from the twin blows of her father`s death and professional disappointments," reported a daily.

"In fact, a few years ago, she made her debut in a B-grade flick, where her role was drastically reduced. It was a huge blow for her," the daily quoated a family member as saying.

Shahid has refused to comment about the issue and the identity of this obsessed female admirer still remains a mystery.