Shahid keen to mingle with Charlie Chaplin’s grand-daughter Dolores

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Bollywood heartthrob Shahid Kapoor is apparently kicked by the stunning looks and the lineage of Dolores Chaplin, the grand daughter of legendry actor Charlie Chaplin. The actor is quite excited to be associated with the Chaplin Film festival organised by the producers of the film ‘Happi’ in which his father Pankaj plays the protagonist. Reportedly, the Hollywood legend’s family will be attending the special event.

Talking to a news daily, a source revealed, “Shahid is very excited about the Chaplin festival organized by the producer of ‘Happi’, Sheetal Talwar. Shahid is taking keen interest in the festival, not only because his dad plays a Chaplinesque hero but also because Chaplin’s grand-daughter Dolores would be flying down for the event. Shahid is quite kicked by the young actress’ lineage and luscious looks.”

The event which is scheduled to commence on the 22 January, next year will be attended by Dolores and her mother Geraldine. The 32 year old actress has acted in over 20 films in French and other languages.

Director Bhavna Talwar, confirmed the news and said, “Yes, we are hosting a Chaplin festival where we will screen the actor’s best films including The Great Dictator, City Lights, The Kid and Modern Times. Members of Chaplin’s family will attend the festival.”

With Sasha smitten by Dolores, how is Priyanka going to react? Any guesses people?

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