Sharman Joshi’s old film lands him in legal problem

Updated: Jul 03, 2012, 15:17 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Actor Sharman Joshi, who is riding high on the success of his solo debut in Bollywood with ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’, had allegedly been miffed with the producers of an earlier film that he had acted in.

According to a leading daily, Joshi had expressed his displeasure over the fact that the film in question, ‘3 Bachelors’, that had been lying in cold storage for about a decade now, was suddenly put up for release on July 6. Sharman felt that the producers of the film were trying to cash in on his success of ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’.

Sharman, as per the daily, had said, “This smells of sheer opportunism. While I have nothing against the makers of 3 Bachelors, the fact that they have suddenly woken up now, bothers me. Ferrari Ki Sawaari has created an audience goodwill and to capitalise on its success in this manner is not right. The audience should not get an impression that this is my recent film.”

However, the producers of ‘3 Bachelors’, Pramod Sharma and Manoj Rastogi, aren’t very happy with Sharman’s displeasure. And going by what we’ve learnt, the two have now filed a petition against the actor. Manoj Rastogi has been quoted, by the daily, as saying, “Is Sharman Joshi a guardian of morality? Is he supposed to take decisions on when I have to release my film and when I have to hold it back?" He went on: "What is wrong with Sharman? We have paid him fully. I could have understood his blabber talk if he hadn`t been paid. This is just not done. He has no right to speak against the producers and the film. At the end of the day, think of it, it`s his film as well.”

Rastogi then added, in a calmer tone, “We don`t want to torture Sharman. We just want to teach him a lesson. We are too shocked to speak anymore. Initially we thought that we would let his outburst pass but we just couldn`t sleep over it. What he has done is simply not justified. He should at least call up and come over for dinner and sort this out. We are ready to forgive him then.”