Sharon Osbourne would’ve ‘chopped’ Schwarzenegger’s willy off for cheating

Washington: Music manager Sharon Osbourne has said that had she been married to Arnold Schwarzenegger she would have chopped his penis off for cheating on her with the maid.

Sharon, 58, said that Arnold, 63, who fathered a son with his employee Mildred Baena 13-years-ago, despite being married to Maria Shriver, should have been more respectful to his family.

According to a website, she said she would have chopped his manhood and forced Baena to clean it up.

“I was really, really disappointed at him for being so horribly disrespectful and deceitful to do that in your own home,” a website quoted her as saying.

“He can do whatever he wants in hotels on the road, whatever, knock yourself out, but you don’t disrespect your family by doing it in your own home. To me it’s just unthinkable.
“I would have chopped his willy (penis) off. Arnie’s willy would have been down the disposal unit spinning around, that’s where it’d be - and I’d make her clean it up. That mop would have been wrapped around her head,” she stated.


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